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Kym Haverson
I started Khd Healing Jewellery a year ago. It stemmed from a family
member struggling with arthritis and migraines. To help ease their
pain I looked into buying one of those cooper bracelets, however was
put off by the idea of your wrist staining green and the brut ugliness
of it.
After researching magnetic healing treatment I decided to make my own
bracelet, with double of the amount of gauss (magnetic force).


Luckily she loved the bracelet because you couldnt tell it was a medical treatment. In one week she said she could feel the difference in the movement of her hands. She has been wearing the bracelet for over a year now and has not suffered from one migraine.

My magnetic jewellery enables your blood stream to absorb the correct and balanced amount of natural magnetism. It will also naturally increase the level of oxygen, thereby reinforcing the body's own defence mechanisms. In most cases, pains and poor circulation will be relieved very quickly.

My Healing Jewellery may -

+ Stop headaches and migraines

+ Balance your blood circulation

+ Heal aches and joints

+ Stop arthritis forming or progressing

+ Reinforce your body's defence mechanisms

"I wear the bracelet every day, alternating the wrist I wear it on daily. The shooting pains which I used to feel in both my wrists have been significantly reduced if not gone."

Rebecca, Sheffield. 2010


Price ranges from £5 - £95.
Healing Jewellery can be made on request of style and size.
website : www.kymhaverson.co.uk
e-mail : info@kymhaverson.co.uk

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