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If you are an artist or designer maker and would like to join the Portobello Art & Design Market please fill in the application form and e-mail a small paragraph about your work and attach some images, indicating when you would like a stall.

We are extremely lucky both that the rent is very low (just £30 per stall per day) and that we don’t have to commit to being there every Saturday. Not only can we have ‘lives’ outside of our Art, but it also means that we don’t have to have a huge stock. If you sell everything you have one Saturday then you don’t need to come back until you have completed more work. In addition £30 is good value for the feedback you can get about new work both from other artists and the general public. Hey you might even get a commission or sell work you haven’t perfected to death !

Not having exactly the same stalls each week also keeps the market “fresh” and more interesting.

We have survived, and learnt from, our difficult “birth” : the Art Market was initially opened this summer in Acklam Square, with only hasty preparations in the very large, disused industrial area hidden by huge fences from the main market. We were further hampered by lack of clear signage and local publicity.

This new area resolves all of these issues, and we still have a storage area so don’t have to take everything home.

In addition we now have a solid core group of really enthusiastic artists. We have this expanding website www.portobelloartmarket.com and the strong backing of Maurice Nixon (Who had the idea for the Art Market, is responsible for a large area of Portobello Road Market and previously was involved in developing the highly successful Spitalfields market) and his enthusiastic team (notably Carl, Derrick and Lester) who set up and take down the stalls and make sure we have ‘marquees’ for protection.

Although delighted with the new area, we all have ideas on how we can improve the market even more. We each bring different skills and contacts so although we are all full of ideas but short of time, together we will make it a great success.

A minor disadvantage of the new area is that at the moment there will be a maximum of 11 stalls each Saturday, so we have to work as a team. We must book in advance and then turn up at 9 a.m. on the day (whatever the state of the weather or hangover!) or cancel by Thursday evening. Carl will then have the correct number of stands and marquees set up when we arrive. Not only are empty stalls sad & unnecessary but too many artists for stands would also lead to disappointment.

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